We're inspired by our love of hops, malt and, above all, great tasting beer

Craft beer

With a lust for the craft of beer making, we’re devoted to brewing exceptional beer.

Established in the summer of 2017, Amwell Springs Brewery was inspired by our love of really good beer. We’re passionate about utilising our treasured spring water and we’re driven by our devotion to perfection. Our mission is to serve up awesome craft beer that’s packed full of flavour.

Why we're different

Filtered over decades (maybe even centuries) by the rolling chalk hills of the Berkshire and Oxfordshire downs, the rare, pristine crystal clear waters of Amwell Springs provide us with the perfect foundation for all of our beer.

When the spring water is combined with the very best malted barley and carefully selected hops, it results in amazing beer that’s perfect for any occasion. We’re dedicated to sustainability; our water isn’t treated with chlorine, fluoride or any other chemicals and hasn’t had to travel miles to arrive at the brewery. In fact, the spring head is just a stone’s throw away from the brew house – it doesn’t get much more local than that! What’s more, all of our used malt becomes feed for local livestock, we harvest our own yeast, and our discarded hops are composted once we’re finished with them.

The tap room

The brewery and tap room are housed in a beautiful 18th century timber-framed “cart hovel” barn, where the family has farmed the land for over six decades. Wheat and barley played an integral part of the family’s farm business, and this knowledge and heritage has naturally lent itself to the world of brewing.

Currently we’re making plans to welcome visitors, however through the winter the tap room is accessible by appointment only, for small private functions. Please make contact for more details.

A word from our head brewer

I design and brew the very best flavours for our beers for you to enjoy.

For me it’s all about blending the best ingredients and creating a balanced product. It’s easy to throw a load of citra hops into the copper when the flame goes out but to produce a beer that has character and flavour without any one aspect taking over is the ambition.

Bringing together the best world hops (both old and new) with our incredible English malts is an obsession. Combined with our rare spring water and carefully selected yeasts we are able to develop the ultimate beer.

I take huge pride in precision and consistency to establish hearty beers that will stand the test of time.


Andrew 'Gibbo' Gibbons

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India Pale Ale

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